The launch of the OnePlus 5 in India was the day’s biggest news. OnePlus markets its phones as flagship devices available at a much lower price point, but the OnePlus 5’s price in India puts it almost in the same league as the phones it claims to be better than. The India launch didn’t reveal much other than the price, but if you’d like to check out launch offers and further India-specific details, the Gadgets 360 team is on hand as usual.

If news about the OnePlus 5 and its price in India isn’t enough for you, we’ve got a lot more to tell you. Our in-depth review of the OnePlus 5 went live today, and we answered all the burning questions about the smartphone. This smartphone has many positives, such as the raw power under the hood, but not everything is as rosy as OnePlus would have you believe. The Gadgets 360 review will give you an idea of ​​what’s great and what isn’t. If gaming is all you care about, our OnePlus 5 gaming review takes an in-depth look at how the smartphone holds up when some of Android’s most demanding games are thrown at it.

That’s not all. We also have an entire episode of Orbital, our weekly tech podcast devoted to the OnePlus 5. The podcast will answer your questions if reading isn’t your thing and you’re wondering whether the OnePlus 5 is a flagship killer or just another knock-off. We cut through all the marketing jargon and tell you exactly what you need to know – should you buy the smartphone or not?

OnePlus 5

Here’s everything else that has made the news in technology today.

Flipkart Sale Discounts iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and More Phones With ecommerce sites, every season is selling season. Flipkart has another new sale, and it will run until June 24th. This sale includes several big smartphone discounts from Apple, Google, Moto, and Samsung. If you’re itching to buy an iPhone 7 or a Google Pixel, this sale is a great opportunity to get it at a low price. Flipkart also has a ‘Back to College’ laptop sale where several budget laptops are available for just Rs. 9,999.

Reliance Jio accelerates expansion plans. Reliance Jio may have changed the face of the telecom industry in India, but the company will not stop its expansion plans any time soon. Now Reliance Jio offers free home delivery of 4G SIM cards in more than 600 cities. What’s more, if you want a JioFi hotspot, the company promises a 90-minute delivery in select cities.

Does the iPhone get an on-screen fingerprint scanner? A new iPhone 8 leak claims the smartphone will have an in-display fingerprint scanner. The leak claims this feature will likely slow down the smartphone’s shipping. While taking these leaks with a grain of salt is always advisable, Vivo seems close to launching a smartphone with a similar in-display fingerprint scanner. If Vivo can do it, maybe Apple can too. We don’t know if Apple will implement that feature, but we know that the company has started a crackdown on spam and app cloning in the App Store.

Rejoice, Game of Thrones fans; winter is near. It may be high summer in most places in the Northern Hemisphere, but the cold winter winds are pouring over Westeros. Game of Thrones season 7 is coming soon, and we have a two-minute trailer to give us a glimpse into the upcoming episodes of the TV show. Our pop culture connoisseur also spotted seven things you might not have in the Game of Thrones trailer.

The shocking durability test results of the Nokia 3310 (2017) may not be as durable as Nokia would have you believe. A new durability test report shows that the smartphone is not nearly as sturdy as the iconic phone named after it. The new Nokia 3310 performed poorly in scratch and burn tests. While no one can reasonably expect a smartphone to survive a fire, hey, at least it won’t bend easily if this test is to be believed. At Gadgets 360, we always tell our readers not to accept the hype; in this case, it seems we had a good reason to do so.

Facebook is adding a profile picture protection feature. Facebook allows people in India to “protect” their profile pictures. This means you can control who can download your profile picture. Enabling this feature can prevent people from taking screenshots of your profile picture, but it currently only works on Android, so your photo isn’t completely safe.

Facebook Profile Picture Guard: How to Use the New Tool?

Delhi Metro lets you pay with wristwatches. Delhi Metro has always been at the forefront of technology used. The service pioneered smart cards to enter and exit stations in India and is now trying to put these smart cards in wristwatches. Soon we saw people waving their watches at the entrance barrier to catch a subway. Sounds futuristic – at least in theory.

ZTE Launched Small Fresh 5 with 4GB RAM ZTE has launched a rather interestingly named smartphone – Small Fresh 5 – in China. We tend to believe it is not very small or fresh, but that is our opinion. The smartphone has a 5-inch display and seems to compete in the crowded budget smartphone segment with no real distinguishing features apart from running Android 7.1 Nougat-based MiFavour UI 4.2 out of the box.

Lenovo launches ultraportable workstation Lenovo has launched a workstation PC lighter than Apple’s MacBook Air laptop. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, the weight doesn’t include the monitor, keyboard, or mouse. The traditional PC case is where Lenovo’s workstation lost many pounds. The ThinkStation P320 Tiny is also top-ntop,here’s no need to compromise if you want a reasonably portable desktop.

Google Play faces new malware attacks. Malware on Android is a persistent problem that won’t go away. The latest includes several apps on Google Play, which is worrying as it is the official source for all Android apps. This particular variant of malware, called Ztorg, has bypassed Google’s malware checks more than 100 times since late last year. Google is addressing the issue and is actively removing infected apps, which is good news for everyone.


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