The Amazon Prime Day sale has started and offers a whole host of great deals. Our deals expert has picked the best so you can jump straight to the products with the highest discounts. Everything from smartphones to fashion accessories is discounted during the Prime Day sale, but supplies are limited, so be sure to check out our tips on how to get the products you need before they disappear. The iPhone 7, iPhone SE, and the LG G6 are among the best deals on smartphones, but if you’re shopping for TVs, you might get the best deals overall.

That’s not to say the world of gaming has been left behind. Amazon Prime Day deals include one console game that costs just Rs. 99. Yes, you read that right, and it’s not a game that no one has ever heard of. It’s a Call of Duty game. Most deals will make PS4 users and potential PS4 buyers very happy, but Xbox One fans don’t have many Amazon Prime Day deals that have their way.

Here’s everything else that has made the news in the world of technology today.

Amazon Prime

Airtel lets you carry over unused data. Like us, if you shed a tear every time you see how much data goes unused each month on your mobile data plan, then Airtel’s latest announcement should please you. The company now allows you to carry over unused data to the next month, and you can collect up to 200 GB of data this way. Airtel also announced new family sharing benefits that allow you to easily share data between multiple postpaid numbers. This is great news for all Airtel users, who may soon be able to use VoLTE as well.

Reliance Jio user data at ?Reliance Jio may be credited with adding much needed competition to the Indian telecom space, but the latest news about the company is worrying. A data breach on Magicapkhas allegedly revealed personal details of several Reliance Jio customers. However, Reliance Jio told Gadgets 360 that its users’ data is safe and that it is investigating the matter. A quick check of Jio song data on Magicapk revealed details that looked authentic before the website was taken down.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Specs Leaked Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5A appears to be the latest smartphone from the company that has been leaked. Today’s leak of the Redmi Note 5A seems to confirm the existence of this variant of the Redmi Note 5, packed with specs and an image of the box.

WhatsApp Recall Feature Spotted An undo send feature should be mandatory for all email clients and messaging app. The next time you post something in the wrong chat window, you may be able to remember that message and save yourself a lot of embarrassment. It looks like WhatsApp will get this feature soon.

Moto G5S and G5S Plus appear online Lenovo may not be ready with the Moto G5 brand nameyet, if we are to believe the latest leaks. Two smartphones, the Moto G5S and the Moto G5S Plus, have surfaced on a certification site. These phones could be upgraded variants of the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus, at least based on what the leaked specs say. The company seems to be all set to launch the Moto Z2 as well.

E-commerce sites show the MRP of all products. Starting next year, the government said that all e-commerce sites in India must display the maximum selling price (MRP) of all products they sell. This means that people are less likely to pay more than MRP for goods sold online. The rules for this have been adjusted, and companies have six months to comply.

OnePlus 5 speed test pits 6GB variant against 8GBDo you need 8GB RAM on a smartphone? The debate rages on, and the latest evidence suggests it may not be necessary. The two variants of the OnePlus 5 were played off against each other, and the result is much closer than you might have expected. The 6GB RAM variant held its own against the 8GB RAM variant.

iPhone 8 prototype spotted in the wild? The rumors about the iPhone 8 keep on coming and coming in fast. The latest shows a video of an alleged prototype iPhone 8 and confirms many of the details that other rumors claim. This could be real, or someone who decides to pull an elaborate prank based on stories we’ve already encountered.


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