OnePlus 5 (Review) is quite a polarizing smartphone, with the debate over whether it’s a flagship smartphone or a knock-off still lingering. However, one thing is quite clear: India’s smartphone is selling well. Amazon India claims that the OnePlus 5 has the highest sales in its launch week. As always, we don’t have any numbers to back up this claim, and the only indicator of Amazon’s luck with the OnePlus 5 sale is that the company has extended a sweet cashback deal on the smartphone until July 2.

OnePlus’ day got even better when the company’s flagship smartphone appeared to beat the mighty iPhone 7 Plus in a speed test. This test involves opening a series of apps on both smartphones twice, and the OnePlus 5 trumped the iPhone 7 Plus in the video. It seems that all that extra RAM is not as excessive as some thought.

The only bad news for OnePlus was a software bug. Some OnePlus 5 users complained about a “jelly effect” while scrolling, and the company acknowledged the problem. We assume that the company is working to fix this issue, but at the time of writing, the cause of this issue was unknown.

OnePlus 5

Here’s everything else that happened in the world of technology today:

BSNL launches data package to counter Reliance Jio The Reliance Jio effect continues to pay off for customers of other telecom operators. Since the company started offering large amounts of data at low rates, competitors have sweetened the deal for their customers. BSNL is the latest to join the party with an insane offer – the BSNL 666 package offers 120GB of data for Rs. 666. Meanwhile, if you’re on the Jio bandwagon, you can get cool data deals if you buy select Xiaomi smartphones.

Amazon Prime Day is Coming to India. If you’re an Amazon Prime customer, brace yourself for some great deals in July. Amazon Prime Day is coming to India next month and is dedicated to great deals for Amazon Prime customers. All the things you haven’t bought in countless e-commerce sales may be available for even lower rates, so wait patiently for Prime Day.

WhatsApp gets two new features WhatsApp users on Android and iPhone each have one unique part. While Android people got emoji searches, iPhone people got video streaming. Our report details how each piece is used and why it is important. In other news, we learned that WeChat creator Tencent could have bought WhatsApp, but Facebook got there first.

Is the iPhone 8 thicker than iPhone 7 Plus? Is every day complete without a new iPhone 8 rumor? If you work at Gadgets 360, the answer is no. Today’s story suggests that the iPhone 8 could be thicker than the iPhone 7 Plus. If we are to believe this rumor, we can imagine the perplexed faces of Apple engineers approving the design – as the company is obsessed with thin and light gadgets.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 gets a new color. If you didn’t want to buy the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 because you didn’t like the colors available, now might be a good time to buy the phone. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is now also available in matte black. Yes, we know the phone hasn’t launched in India yet, but that could change soon. If that’s not enough Xiaomi news, here’s a juicy leak about the Redmi Pro 2.

Is Nokia making another feature phone? Nokia’s rendezvous with feature phones continues, according to leaks. This latest rumor suggests that the Nokia 3310 (2017) was not the last feature phone to be launched by the company. The Nokia 3310 may have been a great marketing strategy, but the company sees potential in feature phones. We’re happy that Nokia sees India as an important market, so most of the launches should reach the country soon.

Are you selling an old phone online? You may be required to comply with GST. In disturbing news for people who want to get rid of their old phones by selling them online, you may be able to register under the new tax standards under GST. The measures may differ for people who sell second-hand gadgets offline, but it will hinder those who only want to sell one or two cheap items online. If you’re wondering how GST will affect the prices of your favorite gadgets and software, we’ve got a detailed walkthrough that answers all your GST questions.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Launches in India While the Nintendo Switch isn’t officially available in India, that hasn’t stopped game makers from launching their Switch games in the country. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the next Nintendo Switch game in India. This is one of the biggest games for the console, and we’re excited to see it launch in India. We hope the Nintendo Switch will follow suit. In other Nintendo Switch news, a leak suggests the console will soon be getting two crucial features.

Petya ransomware hits India severely. India is one of the biggest victims of Petya ransomware, as security software company Symantec says the country is the seventh worst-affected country in the world. India is the hardest-hit country in the Asia-Pacific region, the company said. In India, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) of Mumbai, the country’s largest container port, was hardest hit by this ransomware. The Petya ransomware hit Ukraine and Russia for the first time on June 27, paralyzing business computers.


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