Are you looking for the best phone for under Rs. 15,000? There are several options to choose from. You get brands like Realme, Xiaomi, and Poco with their multiple contenders under Rs. 15,000 price range. While some models in the price segment have good camera experiences, you also have options with higher RAM capacity and newer processors. With so much variety, you are choosing the most suitable choice iIt isdifficult. It is difficult for this episode, postorbital host Akhil Arora brings in Gadgets 360 reviewer Aditya Shenoy and deputy review editor Roydon Cerejo to review the best phones under Rs. 15,000.

We discussed people’s expectations when looking at phones under the Rs. 15,000 brackets. Finding an all-rounder in this segment is difficult, as some have a powerful processor while others come with good cameras. Companies like Realme and Xiaomi are now bringing features like AMOLED displays with a 90Hz refresh rate and multiple rear cameras. People who buy a phone under Rs. 15,000 probably won’t get features like stereo speakers, waterproofing, and wireless charging.

Phone Under 15000: The Best Mobile Phones To Buy In India [March 2021 Edition]

We also talk about the things to look for in this price segment and the marketing buzzwords and jargon the companies often use to attract customers with good things they have seen from Realme, Xiaomi, and Motorola. Poco has also brought several Redmi phones with a new badge below Rs. 15,000 brackets to provide the same hardware as the Xiaomi portfolio but with a clear user experience.

Plus, what brands offer better longevity under Rs. 15,000? And which upcoming phones might be worth waiting for?

The second half of this week’s Orbital episode centers around the Vijay Varma and Radhika Apte-led sci-fi comedy series OK Computer, available on Disney+ Hotstar.

OK Computer Review: Anand Gandhi’s Bizarre Hotstar Series Is Like Pav Bhaji

OK Computer creators Neil Pagedar and Pooja Shetty, along with host Akhil, talk about why the Hotstar Specials original wants to be a mix of Douglas Adams’ groundbreaking 1979 novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and modern mockumentaries like The Office and Modern Family, in addition to a whodunit plot partly inspired by Isaac Asimov and HBO’s Westworld.

Pooja Shetty, Vijay Varma, and Neil Pagedar during production on OK ComputerPhoto Credit: Disney

Pagedar and Shetty also discuss the challenges they witnessed in getting a sci-fi comedy show off the ground in India and the struggle to balance creativity on the one hand and audience interest on the other. They also discuss the larger shared OK universe they have planned with producer and co-writer Anand Gandhi, which includes animation, movies, and board games.

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