NEW DELHI: It has been nearly eight years since Modi was sworn in as Prime Minister on May 26, 2014. Narendra Modi’s eight years in his South Block office have been marked by reformist measures such as demonetization, the introduction of Goods and Services Taxes, Insolvency, and the Bankruptcy Code. And Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, and works based on Jan Dhan-Aadhar-Mobile (JAM), corporate tax cut, etc. These reforms led to massive volatility and helped some stocks reach new heights.

According to data from Accord Fintech, a whopping 261 stocks have become multi-baggers over the period, and 31 have achieved more than 1,000 percent returns. At the same time, 19 stores are down 50-90 percent.

Below are eight of the biggest winners from the past eight years, and let’s see if they’re still buying candidates:

Narendra Modi

Tanla platforms| Profit since 2014: 18.823%| Consensus Rating: Strong Buy If you’ve ever received text messages from your banks, e-commerce platforms, or delivery services, chances are some of those communications are possible. The company has gained prominence over the past eight years thanks to its rapid mobile and mobile app adoption. According to analysts, the stock is still a strong buy, with a target of Rs 1,850.

Balaji Aminen| Profit since 2014: 6244%| Consensus Rating: Strong Buy The company makes chemicals, specific methylamines, ethylamine, specialty chemical derivatives, and pharmaceutical excipients. The company is a major beneficiary of the shutdown of 30 percent of China’s amine producers. Analysts remain bullish on the stock, with targets around Rs 4,110.

Minda Industries| Profit since 2014: 5229%| Consensus rating: Hold

has established itself as a one-stop-shop for, among other things, switches, lights, and horns. It has a list of major domestic and global customers. The stock is still popular among analysts, but the consensus rating is on hold, with median targets around Rs 1,075. India| Profit since 2014: 5030%| Consensus Rating: HoldThe company is the oldest music label company in India. It lost fame with the rise of digital music distribution but has recently become famous thanks to two initiatives: Caravan (a modern music player) and Yoodlee Films (which makes digitally themed films for the youth with revenue from licenses to Netflix and Zee5). The stock has a hold rating and consensus price target of Rs 480.

International| Profit since 2014: 4714%| Consensus Rating: Hold The company is a major manufacturer of refrigerants (the gas you see in refrigerators) and fluorides. The company’s stock has been boosted by several multi-year deals it has signed, among others,

International, giving investors insight into their income. After a massive rally in the past eight years, most analysts have a hold rating with a target of around Rs 4,000.

Industries| Profit since 2014: 4414%| Consensus Rating: Strong Buy The company presents itself as a “one-stop solutions provider” for wires and cables. It supplies lines to various industries such as energy, oil refineries, railways, etc. HSBC,

are some of its main customers. The stock remains a ‘strong buy’ among analysts with a target of Rs 1,315.

edibles| Profit since 2014: 4068%| Consensus Rating: None, The company is a manufacturer of ethnic and natural vegetarian packaged and ready-to-eat (RTE) food products. The products are exported to many countries and are popular among Indian diasporas. It is also a major supplier of QSR restaurants. The stock has no analyst coverage yet.

Chemicals| Profit since 2014: 3823%| Consensus Rating: Buy This is the second amine producer on the list. It is a maker of aliphatic amines (products derived from ammonia). The company is a world leader in the production of ethylamine. It is also focusing on expanding its capacity thanks to rising demand from around the world. The stock has a buy rating from analysts. They have a consensus target of Rs 3,651.


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