A portable fire extinguisher has been a choice for some time now, while it is required by law in states like New York. Owning a portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property, but proper care and training are required to use them, according to the US Fire Administration.

Routine maintenance is necessary for all appliances, including portable fire extinguishers. Whether the fire extinguisher is being used or accidentally discharged, the fire extinguisher may require recharging upon inspection, per NFPA 10, the National Fire Protection Association’s standard for portable fire extinguishers.

Read on if you’re wondering how much it costs to refill your fire extinguisher.

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How much does it cost to refill a fire extinguisher?

Not all fire extinguishers are eligible for a refill or refill; only rechargeable type fire extinguishers can be refilled. Depending on the make and model of your fire extinguisher and where you live, the price may vary. If yours is capable of charging, it can cost about $20 to $50 to have it topped up by a professional company.The price may vary d

What are the types or classes of fire extinguishers?

Having fire extinguishers in your household may be a good idea, but it’s important to know which portable fire extinguishers are best for your needs. According to NFPA, there are five types of fire extinguishers:

Class A used for burning common combustible materials, such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and many plastics.

Class B is is used for fires in flammable liquids, petroleum greases, tar, oils, oil-based paints, solvents, lacquers, alcohols, and combustible gases.

Class C is used for fires involving live electrical equipment.

Class D is used for fires in combustible metals, such as magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium, lithium, and potassium.

Class K is used for fires in cooking appliances with combustible cooking media (vegetable or animal oils and fats).

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Do fire extinguishers have an expiration date?

According to Impact Fire Services, there is no exact expiration date for fire extinguishers. However, there are signs to look for:

1. Rust and corrosion on the fire extinguisher. Any physical damage to the device should also lead to the removal of the extinguisher.

2. A failed hydrostatic test.

3. Pressure reduction.

Where can you refill your fire extinguisher?

The best way to find out who can refill your fire extinguisher is to call your local fire department and ask. Private fire extinguishing companies also offer a charging or refilling service. You can also contact the fire extinguisher company you own and ask if they provide a refill service, as some do.


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