The joys of becoming a new homeowner and buying my first home didn’t dawn on me until I had finished moving and unpacked all the boxes. Gone were the days when my living situation was limbo – I now had a house I could call “my own.”

Nevertheless, during the arduous purchase process, I said to everyone, “No gifts; I’ve got enough stuff.” But shortly after I put away my last teacup, I realized there were a lot of things I needed as a homeowner that isn’t necessary when you have a landlord and roommates.

Not sure what I mean? No problem – I went ahead and filled in the blanks. Whether you’re celebrating a new home or looking for a new homeowner, here’s a guide to six gifts that changed my life.

Credit: Sears

It may sound cliché, but tools are a special gift for new homeowners. After all, they cannot call the landlord if something goes wrong. Screwdrivers are a good choice. I never realized how many sizes and shapes of screws there were until I moved to a house where the single Phillips and flat head I kept in the junk drawer wouldn’t work.

I especially like Craftsman hand tools because they have a lifetime warranty. Plus, with 12 different versions included, what could be better? Nothing.

Buy the Craftsman 12-Piece Screwdriver Set at Sears for $20

2. Tupperware to store food

Credit: Rubbermaid

Better than a ride

Without roommates, all the shelves in my fridge are mine. That means I can buy and make food in bulk. My current strategy is to make two appetizer-style items and three side dishes to mix and match throughout the week.

If I buy my food in bulk, I might as well buy my Tupperware. For under $15, Rubbermaid TakeAlongs are spectacular: 40 pieces can be safely reheated in the microwave. I use half of the set as storage and the rest as lunch boxes. As the name suggests, the TakeAlongs have tight lids so that meals can go back and forth without a problem.

Buy the Rubbermaid TakeAlongs 40-Piece Set at Amazon for $13

3. A foolproof coffee maker

Credit: Mr. Coffee

Reaching a milestone, such as buying a new house, means trying new things.

While food production in my household is up a notch, the amount of coffee I make has dropped. As a result, I knew it was time to invest in a worthwhile coffee maker – so I turned to the experts at Reviewed to steer me in the direction of the (best models on the market) best single-pod brewers—The Mr. The coffee single-serve coffee machine offers versatility; it whips up 16-ounce cups of hot and cold coffee. In addition, it is also equipped with a cup and a reusable mug.

Buy the Mr. Coffee Iced and Hot Coffee Maker at Amazon for $58

Credit: Ryobi

You won’t know the importance of power tools until you move to a new homeowner. Whether you need a quick repair or start a new DIY project, RYOBI’s combo kit has ten heavy-duty tools to tackle it. This kit includes an impact driver, reciprocating saw, jigsaw, circular saw, and drill (to name a few). Oh, and what’s better? The compact Lithium+ battery ensures that no tools ever run out of power!

Buy the Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-ion Wireless Super Combo Kit at Amazon for $832

5. Chic coasters that look as good as they work

Credit: Thirsty Stone

A coaster should yell, “Use me!”

The perfect time to upgrade your “for now” furniture to your “forever” furniture is when you move. New homeowners must protect their coffee tables from guests who “have no respect for wood.” (Seinfeld fans, you know what I’m talking about!) Thirsty Stone makes a set of well-reviewed stone coasters that we believe are a must if you want to avoid water spots and rings.

I like this set because they don’t tend to get lost under newspapers and in seat cushions like cork coasters. Stone coasters, especially those made of clear sandstone, also encourage everyone in the room to use a coaster.

Buy the Thirsty Stone Coasters at Amazon for $14.12

6. Hoover Air Wireless Elevator

Credit: Hoover

The Hoover Air Lift is almost robust enough to replace your regular upright… almost.

I already have a full-fledged vacuum cleaner, so a cordless model seemed unnecessary. But as my square footage grew, so did the number of times I had to reconnect my upright. I took the broom and dustpan out for small jobs, but they always left a bit of grime behind.

The testing process for our article Best Vacuums Under $400 revealed that the Hoover model is one of the most powerful cordless vacuums on the market.

Not only is it good at removing crumbs from the floor, but it can instantly turn into a handheld vacuum to get pet hair off the couch. At $249 on sale, it’s one of the best vacuum cleaners you can get for the money.

Buy the Hoover Wind Tunnel Air Controlled Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon for $169

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